SCEL Closure Announcement

I regret to announce that the Spokane College of English Language is closing effective May 31st, 2017. The last class will be Friday May 26, 2017.

The drop in student numbers over the last 12 months, especially the last 6 months, has made it impossible to maintain the college as a viable operation. Current enrollment is 8 students and previous enrollment was 150 students.

Over the last year SCEL staff have done many things to try and source new markets and new revenue but have been unsuccessful due to factors beyond their control.

Every effort will be made to assist current students to find alternative programs and other institutions in Spokane and Vancouver. All financial responsibilities to students will be met.

We thank you for your support over the years and wish all the past SCEL students the best of luck in their education and careers.

A special thanks to the teachers, administrative staff, homestay families and agents who have made SCEL the reputable institution it has been. It has been appreciated by all of the students that have had the privilege of studying there.

Jim Clark