Enjoy the American lifestyle living with a American homestay family. Homestay accommodation is a fun, safe, and affordable way to stay in Spokane.

Homestay Options

Students stay in a single room with 3 meals per day. If there is another student in the same Homestay they will speak a different language. All families are screened and monitored. Our homestay coordinator will match you with a homestay that suits your personal needs. Some students have special requests concerning religion, diet, allergies, etc. can be accommodated. Living with a homestay family is a great way to practice your english and be immersed in American culture.


Social and Family Interaction

International Homestay students are encouraged to interact with their Homestay family and will be invited to participate in regular family recreational activities. Homestay is not intended to be a strictly room-and-board arrangement. Household members will be respectful of your religious or non-religious beliefs and practices as well as your culture and values.


Students will have a comfortable home atmosphere during their stay with a Homestay family. This includes a private room, bathing facilities and a quiet place to study. Homestay families will provide necessary household items such as linens and towels. The student’s bedroom will be furnished, including a bed/bedding, desk or table, lamp, dresser and closet. Most homes are located within 200 – 300 meters of a bus stop. Students may arrange for a private TV cable, internet and telephone connections. The family will respect the student’s right to privacy including mail and bedroom space. Students must practice the same courtesy.


Ask an Expert

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