Welcome to Spokane! Spokane is the second largest city in Washington State and the third largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. With a population of 450,000, Spokane is a medium-sized city with a great location for the outdoor enthusiast. It is the metropolitan and cultural hub for the entire Inland Northwest region, and 270 miles (4 hour drive) from Seattle. It is also only 20 miles west of the Idaho border. The location and size of the city offer a quiet place to get a great education.



Spokane experiences the best of all four seasons in North America and provides excellent American activities for each. You get access to great snowboarding/skiing, lake resorts, and river-rafting throughout your stay in Spokane.

Monthly average high and low temperatures: January -6°C to 2°C; May 6°C to 23°C; August 12°C to 28°C; October 2°C to 17°C



Spokane is an advanced educational hub in the United States. We are the only city in all of the United States to have a high school with a genomics testing laboratory for student use. Spokane's 20 colleges and universities include University of Washington, Washington State University, Eastern Washington University, Gonzaga, Whitworth, and more. Spokane Schools focus on STEM learning and using the most advanced methodology available. SCEL is proud to be in Spokane, and to be the only ESL program in the United States to teach English learners using Smrt English digital curricula our tech-focused classrooms.


Cost of Living

Living in Spokane is very inexpensive, and the city is an incredible place to live. Our Homestay programs offer three meals a day and interaction with an American family, which really improves English acquisition; also our American families take students on regular, fun activities. Most homestay houses are within 200-300 meters of a bus stop. Living on your own is also easy, as there are apartment buildings within a five minute walk to campus. Lastly, according to financial experts Spokane is 25% more affordable than living in a larger American city such as Seattle. Spokane has many big-city amenities at a small-city price. This value plus the great environment and temperate climate make Spokane a great place to live.


Sports & Recreation

Spokane experiences a four-season climate. Spring in Spokane is beautiful, with many flowers blooming and the sun shining. Spokane is known as the lilac city, and a short spring walk about one of the many parks proves it. Summers are hot during the day but cool at night. Rainy days during the summer are almost unheard of, which means plenty of time to enjoy one of the many lakes and rivers in the area. Fall is usually still nice, with a little more rain. Apples, pumpkins, squash and other autumn fruits and vegetables make it a season to enjoy. Winter brings snow, which means ample opportunity to check out some of the great skiing in the area. Every season brings something different to the Spokane area. The sky is the limit for sports and recreation in Spokane.

During their leisure time, students can participate in any number of activities, from down-hill skiing to great hiking to whitewater rafting. Students also play a lot of sports together, from soccer on the weekends to tennis, basketball and swimming on campus during the week. Great shopping and dining can also be found in downtown Spokane.